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  • Women in STEM

    STEM sector 'needs to invest in women'

    • 8 Mar 2024

    Biocair, a leading global life science logistics expert, is calling for greater investment in women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The company believes these male-dominated sectors could benefit hugely from greater diversity. 

  • Steps to secure a PhD position?

    • 5 Feb 2024
    • Chuen Lee

    Do you want to pursue a PhD? Are you fueled by unwavering passion and driven by a thirst for deeper understanding? If intellectual exploration thrills you and the prospect of independent research ignites your spirit, then the PhD journey might be your calling.

  • Why do so many UK MedTech companies fail?

    • 5 Feb 2024
    • Ivor Campbell

    Too many UK MedTech companies tolerate commercial failure – that has to change

  • A day in the life of a microbial library curator

    • 15 Jan 2024
    • Young Nam Lee

    Mycology, chemical-free bioproducts and fresh discoveries every season - Young Nam Lee reveals what life as a microbial library collection curator is like.

  • A day in the life of a microbiology technician

    • 15 Jan 2024
    • Grace Cox

    A glimpse into the world of Bactobio with Grace Cox and Shinjini Mathur who are unleashing the power of microbes to produce novel antimicrobials - from culturing novel strains to harnessing their potential for global health solutions.

  • Being a SciArtist

    • 15 Jan 2024
    • Eliza Wolfson

    Eliza Wolfson illustrates biological and scientific concepts for a variety of different audiences.

  • On the road with UKHSA Culture Collections

    • 21 Jun 2023
    • Ayuen Lual, Hannah McGregor

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like on the other side of the table at scientific conferences?

  • A day in the life of: a metagenomics bioinformatician in a biotech start-up

    • 21 Jun 2023
    • Marcus Leung

    Marcus Leung reveals what life is like at the crossroads between industry and research as a bioinformatician for Basecamp Research.

  • What could a degree in microbiology do for you?

    • 27 Mar 2023

    Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall of the University of Dundee showcases the skills people develop while studying for a microbiology degree.

  • The power in peer mentoring

    • 27 Mar 2023
    • Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun

    Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun shares her experience in how positive role models, networks and visibility in science can foster a sense of belonging in your career.

  • Which skills does it take to make a good biomedical scientist?

    • 27 Mar 2023
    • Catherine Laughlin

    Key advice from an NHS Training Officer

  • I finished my PhD, now what?

    • 21 Feb 2023
    • Marcela Hernández

    Simple tips to secure a postdoc position.

  • PhD candidate? Why and how to develop a career plan…

    • 15 Feb 2023
    • Emmanuel Adukwu

    Tips on how to effectively plan for a career after your PhD.

  • A colony of the coral Acropora loripes with a cent

    Microbiome manipulation to protect against climate change

    • 6 Jan 2023
    • Ashley Dungan

    Ashley Dungan descibes her role, research interests and work at The University of Melbourne.

  • A director’s perspective on advancing the world of health

    • 6 Jan 2023
    • Manoj Koothur

    If you are a biomedical scientist with a passion to contribute to the healthcare industry, there are numerous opportunities waiting for you in the private sector.

  • AMI internship leads Zoe down path of antimicrobial resistance

    • 6 Jan 2023
    • Linda Stewart

    Zoe Dunphy undertook a lab internship in 2020 in Trinity College Dublin’s microbiology department, funded by an AMI Summer Studentship Grant. She reveals how that experience has developed her work on AMR.

  • A day in the life of a dairy microbiome field scientist

    • 6 Jan 2023
    • Lisa Marotz

    My role with California-based microbial solutions company Native Microbials takes me from the lab to the heart of the herd

  • Two sides of science: life as an academic and Editor-in-Chief

    • 25 Nov 2022
    • Nick Jakubovics

    Professor Nick Jakubovics shares his experience on becoming an editor and reveals some of the skills you will need.

  • A day in the life of a Medical Microbiologist

    • 17 Nov 2022
    • David Jenkins

    Insights into the working life from the forefront of tackling AMR.

  • How to engage with policymakers

    • 18 Oct 2022
    • Amelia Collette

    With the right approach and communication style, connecting with and influencing the policy areas that matter to you can be easier than you think.